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Body Care


Lipomodeling™ with CELLU M6® Endermolab [2]


This non-invasive slimming technique reactivates the elimination of fat to clear overload and localized imperfections.


  Time 1 Session

10 Sessions

+ 1 free

15 Sessions

+ 2 free

Classic Care

Android (upper body), Gynoid (lower body)
Overall, Shorty, Cellu-smoothing, Cellu-draining, firming Gainant

40 min 65 € 650 € 975 €

Multi Care Areas*

20 min 35 € 350 € 525 €

Sublime Slimming Care

60 min 100 €    


For each treatment: application of LPG cosmetics before and after.



The only protocol that enables simultaneous contouring and skin tightening, BodySculptor is a device that combines magnetic fields and micropressure drainage for a refinement of the body (face, arms, waist, hips, thighs, knees and calves).




30 min


45 min

1 session

60 € 70 €

10 sessions (+1 free)

600 € 700 €

15 sessions (+2 free) 

900 € 1050 €

6 sessions – Maintenance pack

330 € 385 €




   Pack Duo


11 sessions BodySculptor + 11 sessions CelluM6*

1200 €

17 sessions BodySculptor + 17 sessions CelluM6*

1800 €

6 sessions BodySculptor + 6 sessions CelluM6

675 €


* LPG Combination offered




  50 min 90 min

Relaxant, Tonifiant, Intuitif


90 € 150 €


Foot Reflexology


  1 Session 6 Sessions

Foot Reflexology (30 minutes)

60 € 300 €



The First Global Slimming Concept


An analysis of body composition by bioimpedance * allows us to establish the route best suited for you. Our concept combines innovative technologies with the expertise and support of our partners hypnotherapist, psychoanalyst, naturopath, energy specialist and trainer, and all in the same space.
The team meets weekly to discuss, define or rehabilitate the client program so that each of you reaches its objectives and stabilizes the results sustainably and confidently.


  • Martine, naturopath, helps you lose weight by offering a personalized rebalancing tailored to your eating habits.
  • Murielle, hypnotherapist leads you to lasting changes you want to implement and realize your goals (lose weight and stay slim, sleep better, blossom, etc.) through hypnosis, relaxation therapy or life coaching.
  • Nina and Elise, certified beauticians are experts in the latest technology, will reshape your imperfections.
  • Pascal, energetics specialist, refocuses your energies for a better overall balance.
  • Anthony, sports coach, helps you burn calories by gentle cardio techniques and / or training.
  • Joële, psychoanalyst, helps you become player in your diet by causing you to be aware of the reasons "hidden" in your eating habits and your relationship with food.

This first global slimming concept is designed to make you feel good, durably.


* The bioimpedance is a painless technique to know in seconds the human body composition: fat mass, lean mass, water, basic metabolism.



Sport Coach


You'll understand that the key to success for "desiging" your silhouette lies in maintaining the motivation while (re) awakening the athlete in you.
The role of the trainer is not just to make you physically active: as a true professional, he should accompany you throughout your weight loss, and especially to inculcate good habits that will help you once your ideal weight reached to maintain the long term.


How your trainer will give you the keys to success?


  • A first physical checkup
  • Definition of the objective
  • Development of personalized training schedule
  • One approach to stay motivated over the long term​


The advantage of being followed by a sports coach? Materialize its progress in stages. The coach will be there to reveal the sport in you, then distill his advice based on your physiology so that you have time to learn new physical skills.
The real secret to slim down - and especially maintaining a healthy weight over the long term - is to acquire a rigorous workout for going out of his "comfort zone."



Hypnosys / Sophrology / Fleurs de Bach


An essential element to remember is that beauty goes beyond your clothing size. How many women do not like themself while they are beautiful? The beauty is in the way you look at yourself and that of those around you.


To wish Slimming or to have a younger face is a decision that can have many causes, but only you can mak e. Learn to love and respect her body, to live according to his principles and life choices, help facilitate this and to sustain your motivation. Sometimes motivation is lacking, so we try complementary approaches to a healthy lifestyle (sport, body treatments and facials, etc.). Often it comes to untie some blockages otherwise by other means ...


This is why hypnotherapy can be a great support. Our actions are unconscious in 80% of cases, then access its hidden resources, touch the submerged part of the iceberg, can certainly make things happen.


Hypnothérapy : Like yourself, respect yourself, prove yourself, achieve yourself, achieve your goals sincere. (3-5 Recommended consultations, with one session per fortnight)

Sophrology : Learning to just breathe, soothe your body and mind, independently. (8 Recommended consultations, with one session per week)

Fleurs de Bach : The subtlety of the 38 flower essences of Dr. Bach to harmonize your emotions. (3 Recommended consultations, with one session every three weeks).





Naturopathy is a team effort, but naturopathy serving thinning is more.
Slimming can be summarized in three objectives: to lose weight, stay slim and stay healthy.


The solution requires an individualized dietary change, holy, tailored to your profile: age, weight comfort, habits, desires, lifestyle, etc.
No diet as we are used to hear, that is to say an unbalanced effort, but an effort human scale ... but we know well that such disproportionate effort can not be sustained over the long term: we love, and as a private body, it makes reservations and the result is the opposite to that intended.


We get thinner by adopting, step by step, a new diet, which you will keep for life.


Everything happens in the stomach and in the various stages of digestion: it is there that are preparing or deteriorate our health and outer beauty capital:
- The quality of our bones, our tendons, the proper functioning of our organs, the freshness of our skin, the density of our teeth, the strength of our hair, the appearance of our nails etc.



How it goes


A habit is difficult to change, the course of the "cure" takes this into account.

  • Time to take stock of your eating habits, your meals, to determine errors and reflect your desires to preserve the fun.
  • To give you the keys to success in delivering you the combinations of foods to avoid and quantities to meet to achieve your goals.
  • To advise you on natural ways to help reduce cravings for snacking, sugar, to better understand stress or sleep better ...​

3-5 sessions recommended (to one session per fortnight)



Energetics treatments


We offer energy balance to help you best in your weight loss approach: it will bring you extra energy and boost the self-regulatory process and self-healing of the body; it will also strengthen your ability to recover from trauma.

Finally, it will correct your physical and emotional imbalances by releasing the root causes of emotional blockages, and strengthen your immune system by reducing stress.


Psychological Approach


"Eat less, move more"? Which person health conscious and body image would not agree with that message relevant?


Yes, but it is clear that we sometimes very difficult to put in practice prevented by "something else" ... and it is this 'something else' staff to each part of its history, as we seek together.


Indeed, the reasons for our eating behaviors are recorded in our history, and for a lasting result, we need to look at these "no reasonable grounds" that act without our knowledge: at the meetings, we will work to highlight the mechanisms psychic that govern your eating habits, and I will help you make an accurate analysis.
So you can not suffer, but become actor of your diet.


3-5 sessions recommended

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